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Where it all began

Our story began in 1995, when Julie, after 11 years in the banking world, decided it was time for a new adventure. Tired of the relentless "sell, sell, sell" mantra, she took the plunge and started a business that truly cares about its customers. We've been trading since March 13, 1995, and haven't looked back since!

Our Journey

What started with just Julie and one other team member has blossomed into a bustling business with a fantastic team of four. Our growth led us to outgrow our original premises, and in 2010, we moved to our current, larger location. It's been an exciting ride, and we're thrilled to continue growing and evolving.

Meet the Team!


Managing Director

Julie, the head honcho the woman behind the scenes, the oracle! What Julie doesn't know about the plumbing and heating trade isn't worth knowing! Julie has a passion for running a reputable business with trust at its core.


Purchasing Director

Neal joined us in 2006, when Julie’s son was due to arrive. Initially helping out part-time and during the busy winter season. Neal officially became a full-time member in 2019. With his all-round tradesman skills, Neal brings a unique perspective, understanding exactly what our customers need and how to deliver it.


Accounts Administrator

Sharon came on board in 2011 to lend a hand with the accounts as our business expanded. Her role quickly grew, and she now rocks the trade counter. With years of experience in plumbing and heating services, Sharon knows the ins and outs of both sides of the counter. She ensures our customers always get the right part, right on time.


Sales Manager

Craig’s arrival brought a fresh wave of innovation. His background in plumbing merchandise introduced a plethora of new products, broadening our horizons and expanding our inventory. Thanks to Craig, we offer more variety and quality than ever before.

We are a Family

At Heatparts, we're not just a business, we're a family. Our team’s diverse skills and dedication ensure that we meet all your plumbing and heating needs with a smile.

Your Trusted Source for Plumbing and Heating Essentials

Heatparts is a well-established Spare Parts Stockist with a proud 29-year history of exceptional Customer Service. Renowned for our extensive industry expertise and diverse inventory, we specialise in Boiler Spares while also offering a range of plumbing supplies, gas cookers, and gas fire spares.

With a substantial stock of 12,400 line items, we prioritise prompt service, ensuring the majority of items are available for next day delivery. If you're in need of a spare part not readily found elsewhere, we're dedicated to sourcing it for you.

Our experienced staff collectively boasts over 60 years of industry knowledge, guaranteeing helpful and informed assistance across various manufacturers. Whether it's for a boiler, fire, cooker, or unvented cylinder, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you locate part numbers and fulfill your requirements efficiently.